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The world's first automated high throughput tissue dissector is developed in Brainport Eindhoven

Xyall launches its Tissector High Throughput (HT) system for greater precision diagnostics. Sioux Technologies helped this medical start-up to realize this world's first automated high throughput tissue dissector, as a technology partner.


Tissue dissection, even in large-scale commercial labs, remains a manual, labor-intensive process at risk of error and cross contamination. The Xyall solution provides the missing link, contributing to reliable diagnostic test results for cancer patients and enabling personalized treatment that is tailored to the patient's needs.

Guido du Pree, CEO Xyall: 'This development requires enormous expertise in technological domains such as optics, Artificial Intelligence, medical robotics and data processing. The strategic partnership with Sioux was a logical step for us, they have all the knowledge and experience to accelerate our innovation.'

The first system is now completing its final test run before being shipped out to the United States, where it will be used in on of the largest laboratories there.

Precision medicine

Precision medicine is being revolutionized - providing physicians and patients with the highest quality information about their health. Guido du Pree: 'However, to use tissue dissection for enabling molecular profiling is still a labor intense, subjective process. Our technology transforms how this is done – delivering greater accuracy, consistency and overall improved quality control.'

Alongside the new large-scale, industrial system, Xyall and Sioux Technologies are developing a smaller, table-top version for hospital-based molecular pathology laboratories. Guido du Pree, CEO Xyall: 'Worldwide shortages of experienced pathology staff are already putting labs under pressure. The Xyall solution will address this, helping labratories to make more efficient use of existing, and increasingly scarce, staffing levels.'

Investing in medical innnovation

Thanks to scientific research and medical innovations like the Xyall HT system, more and more people are surviving cancer. Still around 45,000 Dutch people die every year from this disease. That is why it remains crucial to invest in methods to better detect and treat cancer. That's why Sioux is also involved with Xyall as an investor.