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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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12 October 2020

DSM and Lightyear aim to design solar roofs for all types of electric vehicles

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The Brainport Line in a nutshell

Brainport Eindhoven is an innovative and economically strong region where approx. six thousand high-tech companies, including some multinationals, have built an internationally strong reputation by developing, manufacturing and marketing technologies that we can use to create solutions for the mobility, energy and healthcare sector. The region is one of the main driving forces for the Dutch economy (see page 12/13 of the proposition). However, there is a downside to this success: in recent years, the accessibility and traffic flows in the region have been less than optimal and this is not expected to change, considering the creation of an additional 20,000 jobs in the next 20 years.

To maintain the Netherlands’ strong international competitive position in the future, the Dutch government has established the National Growth Fund, an initiative that calls for projects that contribute to maintaining the earning capacity of the Netherlands.  The public authorities, industry and knowledge institutes in Brabant very much appreciate the government looking forward and there is no doubt that many great projects will be submitted. We, the province of North Brabant, the municipality of Eindhoven and Brainport Development, have done our homework and in doing so, benefitted from all the knowledge and technologies already available in the region.

We are proud to present The Brainport Line, our proposition for the National Growth Fund. The Brainport Line contributes to improving the accessibility and traffic flows in the region and provides an economic opportunity for the Netherlands.  It links all campuses and business sites in the region and provides a better connection to other national and international economic centers. The Brainport Line drives innovation and contributes to a more sustainable automotive industry. A smart solution for the major challenges our country is faced with.

In short, the Brainport Line is an innovative and sustainable public transport system consisting of small and large autonomous driving vehicles, so-called ‘pods’, that will drive from, to and between all economic top locations, campuses and hubs in and round Eindhoven via designated driving lanes.  It is a flexible system based on self-driving high-tech vehicles equipped with solar panels and sensors, which make us of e.g. ‘platooning’.


The system is scalable and cannot only be used in and around Eindhoven to improve accessibility and traffic flows in the near future, but it can be used anywhere in the world, in both small and large cities. Not only providing a unique opportunity to contribute to a mobility solution for Southeast Brabant, but it is also a good business case for the industry. Because that is where the strength of this project lies. The Brainport Line has been developed in cooperation with companies and knowledge institutes from the region. A region where knowledge and entrepreneurship stand side by side. In short, our projects are developed, manufactured and sold here.