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When looking if China is a promising market for you, it's good to know which industries are favorable for foreign investment. The Dutch government has a deep understanding of which sectors offer favorable opportunities for Dutch businesses in China. Next to the government there are also several commercial parties that research this. These sources will give you a general idea if China is a propitious market for you.

Chinese market 

Within China, rapidly changing demographics, rising incomes, increased consumer spending and an increasingly open business environment have all helped to make the Chinese market increasingly attractive to Western businesses across various industries.  When talking about the Chinese market people often think about its 1.4 billion inhabitants and its huge potential. However, its sheer geographic size and huge differences in demographics make it more a combination of different markets then a homogeneous one. Also government regulation (like the encourage catalogue) and different consumer behavior make it difficult to identify which markets in China are promising and where within China they are. 

Promising markets 

Both the websites of the embassy in Beijing and that of the ministry of economic affairs offer a good overview of the sectors that are promising in China. The embassy sees opportunities in: Agrifood, Hoticulture, Energy, Water, Maritime, E-mobility, Automotive, Mechanical engineering, High-tech & ICT, Life sciences and health and Creative industries. The ministry of foreign affairs adds to these: Hydrogen, E-commerce and Cold chain logistics. 


Embassy Beijing

The Dutch embassy in Beijing tracks the most promising sectors for Dutch businesses in China.

Ministry of economic affairs

The ministry of economic affairs researches general and indebt opportunities for Dutch businesses in China.

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