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How can I identify and evaluate opportunities?

One of the most important factors in the success of a business is the ability to identify, evaluate and take opportunities. However, in the immensely large and complex Chinese market this is a difficult task to achieve. Therefore, we have put together several channels that you can use as a reference to identify and evaluate business opportunities in China. 

Sector opportunities 

For sector specific indebt reports on opportunities for Dutch businesses in China you can look here. You can access industrial introduction of certain sectors in different regions, economic overviews, opportunities by regions, industry guidebooks in China and other documents which can help you to identify and evaluate business opportunities in different regions in China.  Also, you can also look at macroeconomic figures about China from different organizations and websites such as the Chinese Nation Bureau of Statistics however it is Chinese only. Besides, other non-government originations or websites such as Trading, and the World Bank can also be used as a reference when you want to analyze the macro business environment in China. 

Five year plan 

One of the most important channels to identify and evaluate opportunities is to look at the Chinese Five-year plan. The five-year plan, known as the ‘Outline of the Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of China’, is an important part of China's national economic long-term planning. Its main task is to make plans for major national construction projects, the distribution of productive forces, the direction of state-owned companies and to set the goals and directions for the long-term development of the national economy. Started from 1953 (the first 5-year plan) it stated the different focus of the entire country during different periods, in other words: ‘which sector China is going to focus and develop during this period?’ Currently, China is in its 14th Five-year plan (from 2021 to 2025) and the current plan includes 19 chapters with 65 sub-goals. If you want to know the general plan and direction of China, it is highly recommended to study the 14th Five-year plan of China.  

Finally, you can always ask advice from organizations like Brainport Development, BOMRVONL in Business, EvofenedexVNC-NCW, and KVK based on your sector and the type of information you need. 


Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij

BOM is an economic development organisation that is committed to the further growth of companies in Brabant. Together with partners, BOM offers promising companies access to capital, knowledge, talent, market and facilities, focused on economic and social issues.


RVO facilitates entrepreneurship, improve collaborations, strengthen positions and help realize national and international ambitions with funding, networking, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations.

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