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How can I get in touch with Chinese parties in the Netherlands?

Before making the trip to China, you can already familiarize yourself more and start building your network when you are still in the Netherlands. There are many Chinese organizations that are in the Netherlands that can give you some insights from a Chinese perspective. 

Non-governmental organizations 

The first recommendation is the (De Nederlands Chinese Handelskamer) It is a bilateral organization whose mission is to support exchanges and trade between enterprises, organizations, and economic institutions in China and the Netherlands. It provides professional consulting services to enterprises of the two countries, promotes the exchange of information and experience, promotes close cooperation between economic institutions of the two countries, and focuses on bilateral trade and investment development. 

You can also find support, information and get contact with several Chinese major companies and organizations through the ACIEN (The Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Kingdom of the Netherlands). The ACIEN a non-profit corporate social organization legally registered in the Netherlands by Chinese enterprises and institutions. The association is committed to strengthening the communication between its members and the local business community, promoting the business development of its members, expanding Sino-Dutch economic and trade cooperation, guiding, and helping competent Chinese enterprises to invest and develop in the Netherlands, encouraging Dutch enterprises to invest in China, and promoting bilateral economic and trade exchanges. 

Governmental organizations  

The main Chinese governmental organization in the Netherlands is the The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Netherlands. You can find detailed, accurate, and authoritative information from the Chinese embassy, regarding various concerns you may have. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and China. 

Many Chinese local governments have their representatives in the Netherlands or other European countries, such as Jiangsu economic and trade representative office in the Netherlands, Guangdong Economic & Trade Office, Europe (Munich), Economic and Trade Representative Office of Shandong Provincial Government in Germany, Shenzhen Economic and Trade Representative Office in Europe (Brussels) and many local government representatives. You can search and contact the representative of your investment destination or a place of interest for more information. 

Other organizations 

Finally, here can find an overview of other Chinese organizations active in the Netherlands. For Dutch organizations and companies with a focus on China. You can find an overview on the Chine2025 website. 



The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce (NCHK) is a bilateral organization whose mission is to support the development of broadly understood Dutch-Chinese contacts at the level of enterprises, organizations and economic institutions in the Netherlands and China.


The Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Netherlands (ACIEN) is the most representative and influential Chinese organization in bilateral economic and trade relations between China and the Netherlands. The main aims of the association are to promote mutual coordination; enhance engagement and communication among members and between members and local Dutch society.

Chinese Embassy

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Netherlands is committed to strengthening communication, exchanges and cooperation with various sectors of Dutch society and promoting sound and stable development of Sino-Dutch relations.

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