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Webinar: Hearty instead of heavy

Everyone is tempted to eat sugary and processed foods from time to time. However, these products are not that good for your body. 

During the ‘Hearty instead of heavy’ webinar, you will find out how this works and Hans van Kuijk, sports doctor specializing in lifestyle, experience specialist and inspirer Wim Tilburgs and PSV lifestyle advisor Nina de Rooij will tell you which products are healthy for your body.


Hans van Kuijk is a sports doctor at TopSupport/St. Anna Hospital specializing in lifestyle. 65% of his referrals are about lifestyle changes in which nutrition plays an important role. Van Kuijk is the initiator of GezondDorp Leende, in which residents make themselves tighter and healthier. He is also co-author of the book "Van GezondDorp naar GezondLand." 

Wim Tilburgs broke through the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity in 2015. He succeeded by changing his lifestyle and consuming pure and unprocessed food. For six years he has been committed to supporting and inspiring other people with related conditions. He is founder of the Foundation Your Lifestyle as Medicine. Together with Ancora Health he has also developed a program to combat type 2 diabetes.

As a PSV lifestyle advisor, Nina de Rooij is closely involved in the development of the PSV Brainport Vitality Platform and coaches about a hundred people every week towards a healthier and more vital lifestyle.