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Energy management & time management

Your energy in combination with time management is important for a good balance in your life. Where do you get energy from and what does it cost you? In order to get more peace in your life, you have to make choices.

One of the most important parts of balance is making a good planning, taking into account the available energy. Which aspects cost you energy and what brings you energy. The balance is decisive in and how we accomplish our days and tasks. There are daily tasks we ''have to'' do, whether it concerns our work or household chores or to achieve our goals such as sports and things we want to do.

This doesn't have to be a problem, as long as you find the balance in your energy. After all, when you are only concerned with what you have to do and things that cost you energy, you are not in control of your own life. That's where we make the switch to energy management, get behind the wheel yourself and decide how you fill in your life.

Setting priorities

To get more peace in your life you have to make choices. That means: you have to decide what your priorities are, based on the goals that are really important to you. If this is health, you will have to make time and space for it. To live a truly healthier life, you need to consciously research and develop your lifestyle.  

Dare to say 'no' and choose for yourself. It is very frustrating when other people determine your life. Don't immediately say 'yes' if someone wants something from you that you don't really have time for.

Robert Jan Wissink, Manager Internal Mobility & Employability ASML

In this way you learn how to set your limits, that's what people expect of you. Ask for time to think about it, and then decide whether to let the other person choose which task to cancel in order to make room for the new task. Make it clear that, like everyone else, you only have a limited amount of time to spend. Leave a task that another person can also pick up. Don't think that you are weak if you decide to work less (temporarily). Bear in mind that your boss has more use for an employee who carries a regular amount of work over a long period than one who took too much on his/her plate and now sits at home with a burn-out.


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