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Happy people live in a healthy society. It is therefore of social importance to find solutions that allow us to make our healthcare affordable and to improve it. We need new healthcare technologies to allow people to live a healthy and longer life. Think of medical equipment that can trace deceases at an early stage and care robots to help solve the shortage of qualified caregivers. 

In twenty years, healthcare will evolve around preventive health of body and mind. We will monitor technologies and register all measurable data in respect of personal and collective health. We will then capture the data in high-speed 8G networks that will transfer this data anonymously to open source health databases, where the data will be analyzed to gain more information about (un)healthy lifestyles. That information will be used for medical advice and early diagnosis of various deceases.


Which technologies already allow for this kind of healthcare?

From entirely new eHealth infrastructures to bio electronic healthcare solutions, Brainport Eindhoven is at the foundation of our future health.



What kind of products are currently being developed?

Both high-tech and manufacturing companies within Brainport Eindhoven are joining forces to create innovative products to improve our healthcare.


Contribute to a better world in your own way!

Sustainable Development Goals

We ourselves have a considerable influence on our future. By setting ourselves Sustainable Development Goals, we can make a concrete contribution to the world we want. The UN has established the SDG Charter Network to help organisations and companies to do this. There are 17 SDGs that make up our 'to do' list. For health, these are the following objectives.

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