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Unlocking the potential of data in manufacturing

Unlocking the Potential of Data in Manufacturing.

Date: May 9
Time: 08.30 - 10.30
Locatie: High Tech Campus 5 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Organizers: Rackspace AWS


Rackspace Technology and AWS are inviting senior IT executives from manufacturing enterprises to an exclusive breakfast and discussion on the topic of “Unlocking the Potential of Data in Manufacturing.” The event will provide an excellent opportunity to share and learn from peers in the industry in an informal setting. The discussion will explore the critical role of the right platform (strategy, architecture) that is deeply integrated with the cloud in unlocking the potential of data, from real-time analytics to process automation and IoT sensors. The roundtable will focus on the role of IT in building a manufacturer’s data platform and governance strategy, along with the technological tools and capabilities required. It will also address the democratization of data across the enterprise, and the modernization process that a manufacturer needs to undertake, keeping data at the center of its focus.

Discussion Topics

  • Does generative AI play a role in your industry?
  • What role does data play in building agile factories and transforming supply chains?
  • How can a manufacturer integrate data from different systems into a single platform while ensuring predictable costs?
  • How can data be democratized across the enterprise to create business value?
  • How can a manufacturer standardize data quality with disparate departments and systems?
  • How can each aspect of manufacturing benefit from better data utilization and deployment?


08:30 – 9:00       Breakfast & Networking

09:00 – 9:10       Welcome Note by AWS & Rackspace

09:10 – 10:25     Roundtable Discussion

10:25 – 10:30     Final Remarks

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