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Door onze unieke hightech competenties en de krachtige samenwerking tussen bedrijfsleven, onderwijs- en kennisinstellingen en overheden is Brainport Eindhoven uitgegroeid tot een economische kernregio. Samen realiseren we innovaties voor de maatschappelijke vraagstukken van vandaag en morgen.

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Leren & Werken

Of je hier nu leert, studeert of werkt; Brainport biedt eindeloos veel kansen om te groeien. Jouw succes wordt hierin bepaald door de manier waarop je jouw uitdagingen overwint. Voor ondersteuning kun je hiervoor op verschillende plekken binnen Brainport terecht. Om je kennis te verbreden, nieuwe inzichten op te doen of om gewoon een antwoord op je vraag te krijgen.

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AI innovation Session for MedTech: From Inspiration to Action

After two inspiration sessions, it is time for action: On April 12, we will host the 3rd AI Innovation session for MedTech.

From inspiration to action

What entrepreneurial opportunities do data and AI offer your company? The market is developing rapidly, but how can AI and data in particular be of value to your company? On April 12, we will discuss this with various MedTech entrepreneurs. We will jointly discuss with AI-adopters how AI and data can be used specifically within your company. How can you generate additional revenue by creating smarter products or processes? What data is already available? And what about privacy? How can you create a competitive advantage with data? During this session, we will help you find answers to your questions. You can share your lessons learned and draw inspiration from other participants.

Sign up now for one of the following topics. Scroll down for more information.


Date: April 12, 2022
Time: 11.00 - 13.00h
Location: AI innovation Center, building 5, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

11.00h: Introduction
11.15h: Participation roundtable on one of the following topics
12.15h: Closing + information on available data coaches
12.25h: Network lunch
13.00h: End of session

Please note: this is a live event. Limited number of places available.


Topic 1: Data discovery: exploring data and AI opportunities within your organization

  • How can I translate the opportunities I recognize into action in order to take the next step?
  • What is your main motivation for doing this?
  • What are your biggest challenges? How can data help you face those challenges?
  • What information do you still need to be able to make better decisions?

Topic 2: Data availability: discussion about the availability of data

  • What data is being collected in your field?
  • Are there any public data sources that can add information?
  • What data is already available within your company? What are the sources?
  • How can you link different sources?

Topic 3: Data privacy and security

  • How can you best comply with the General Data Protection Regulation when processing data?
  • How can you carefully balance the interests of the organization, the interests of the customer and privacy?
  • What privacy risks and ethical issues emerge when using AI?
  • What are your own values? Are your plans in line with those values?
  • Can you explain the users the logic behind the algorithm?

Would you like to know if this session meets your needs and answers your questions about data and AI? Please contact Quirine Verstappen or Ronnie Kuppens. We are looking forward to seeing you on April 12 at the AI Innovation Center at High Tech Campus Eindhoven!