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URE: testing and preparing for the race season

Completely renewed LiDAR sensor

This year, we faced a major setback: Our LiDAR sensor broke down and could not be repaired. This sensor is the eyes of the autonomous systems, enabling precise navigation and obstacle detection, and we are blind without a LiDAR sensor. This meant we were in desperate need of a new one. We have been able to purchase a new sensor, both with the help of our dear GoFundMe donators and partners! The improved LiDAR enables us to further develop our autonomous systems, providing a vastly improved vision. This means our autonomous top speed can be increased from 75 km/h to 95 km/h. With this new LiDAR we will first compete at Formula Student East in Hungary, where we participate in the fully driverless class among the best teams in the world!

Testing with driver: Preparing for Formula Student Netherlands

During the development of the autonomous systems, a big part of the team is also busy preparing the car for the electric competitions, where we will race with a driver. The first race with driver is at Formula Student Netherlands (FSN), at the TT Circuit in Assen. Here, we will only drive with a racing driver, and have been testing our car as much as possible to extract every little bit of performance. However, there was a front suspension failure during a recent testing day which heavily damaged our car only one week before FSN. This means we have to rebuild our car in only one week to be able to drive at FSN, and putting in the hard work needed to get the car fully ready.

Upcoming races: A step by step process

The race season consists of three races, starting with FSN and FSEast. We will end our season at the unofficial world championship Formula Student Germany (FSG). As mentioned, we will drive only with a driver at FSN, and only with our autonomous systems at FSEast. The major end goal of this year is to get a podium spot at FSG, as this is the most prestigious race of the entire Formula Student Competition. We will drive both with a driver and our autonomous systems at this race.

However, at this moment we are fully locked in to repair our car before FSN to be able to race there. Will we be able to repair our car this close to the competition? Make sure to follow our blog to see if we will make it, and see the results of all competitions!