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Future Building & Living Program

The Future Building & Living Program of UDI focuses on reshaping building practices towards a sustainable and inclusive future. The building sector needs to advance to a point where it produces sufficient, affordable and sustainable dwellings to match demand. We aim to build a vibrant ecosystem on the region’s existing digital backbone, construction companies, disruptive start-ups, research institutions, municipal governments and housing associations. Our goal is knowledge exchange amongst all players, developing cutting-edge technological strategies, while opening up new market - and business opportunities.



A paradigm shift in design and construction is needed to enable resilient and sustainable living environments.

What we do

Technology is available. However, a paradigm shift in the building industry requires a shift in system thinking. Technological innovation requires the development of desirable scenarios for future living, to align diverse stakeholders around a shared vision. It starts with asking the right questions:

  • How do we want live in the future?
  • How do we plan for that future?
  • How do we design future living environments?
  • How do we build future housing and buildings?
  • How do we govern future neighbourhoods?

The Future Building & Living Program combines three crucial perspectives on 1) digital design and manufacturing, 2) circular design, and 3) participatory design for urban living.

It is set up to provide answers by applying key enabling methods, such as: scenario-based adaptive planning, value sensitive design, participatory action research and co-creation. Working in short cycles: 
insight, foresight and application to leverage shifts in design thinking for the right implementation.


News and updates

Check out the latest news and updates from the Future Building & Living programme here.

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Anna Paar

Project manager UDI

+31 (0)615902805