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Energy Transition Program

UDI Energy Transition, a program for the built environment, aims to make the energy transition affordable for businesses and residents of the city. The program offers the possibility to work with parties towards concrete solutions and enable implementation. The program:

  1. Offers models to gain insight into the diverse energy transition issues.
  2. Builds an ecosystem of stakeholders that collaborate on projects and use cases.
  3. Brings insights to organisations and private individuals.

The energy transition has too many facets to be approached in a single way. Cooperation to an integrated approach can lead to better (accepted) and affordable solutions for sustainable energy in the built environment.

What we do

Open source modelling and engineering

Accelerating the energy transition in the built environment requires an open-source model for municipalities and other stakeholders. This will help to promote and support the decisionmaking of the integrated future energy system at building, district and city level. Important building blocks in this approach are:

Modelling: Develop advanced models to forecast, plan and assess scenarios for the energy transition of the built environment.

Engineering: Collaborate with industry partners to tackle engineering challenges of renewable energy technologies and accelerate their research & development efforts.


News and updates

Check out the latest news and updates from the Energy Transition programme here.

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Anna Paar

Project manager UDI

+31 (0)615902805