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Goal achieved!

Blog 3 | Studententeam TU/ecomotive 'Eterna'


On Saturday, September 16th, our tour came to an end. It has been four weeks during which we not only learned a lot about the latest developments in the automotive industry but also, hopefully, inspired others with our concept car, Eterna. The tour began four weeks ago in Amsterdam at Nemo, and from there, we made our way south to the after-school care center in Landgraaf, crossing the border to Aachen to visit e.Volution. You can read about how we continued this tour in this blog.


After Aachen, the tour continued to Lausanne, where we visited Bcomp. Bcomp is a company that produces panels from natural materials, including flax, which are used in various industries, including the automotive sector. Panels made from this material were previously used by us in a car from a few years ago called Lina. After Lausanne, we traveled to sunny Monaco, where we presented our car at the yacht club. Milan was the next city on our itinerary, where we visited the innovation district and the Ferrari museum, and at the end of the day, engaged in a discussion on sustainable mobility.

During the third week of the tour, we had our own booth at Europe's largest mobility fair, the IAA, in Munich. This fair caters to companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations. Since it's a place where many people come to gain inspiration and learn about the latest developments, it gave us the perfect opportunity to reach them with our concept. It was truly heartening to see that our concept was so well received by major companies like BMW and Audi.

The penultimate place we visited was Transalley, where we visited a campus with various companies and schools. Here, we showcased our car to around 150 students and staff. Additionally, we were able to use their test track to take Eterna for a few laps. Our final stop was in Brussels at Polis. Polis is a network of local and regional authorities working together to promote sustainable mobility through innovative solutions.


Goal Achieved

To circle back to our goal for this tour, we embarked on this adventure with the idea of inspiring people, and we achieved just that. We visited many different places, from after-school care centers to car fairs, and from the Netherlands to Italy. In all these places, we had the opportunity to tell our story, and our concept received positive feedback. Moreover, we expanded our network with interesting connections that the next team can use to create another concept car next year, one that will once again inspire the automotive industry. So, all in all, a very successful tour.

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