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Vision, Robotics & Motion

Trade fair & congress
Towards smart production automation



A rapidly changing world requires even more flexible, reliable, safer and faster production. An integrated system in which vision technology, robotics and motion control are connected in one process in a smart way is the answer. From automation to more connectivity, accessibility and machine safety. Smart is realized by applying data science techniques such as AI, machine learning and deep learning. After OEMs, more and more production sectors in the SME high-tech and manufacturing industry are now also taking this step.

During Vision, Robotics & Motion, discover the components for a completely integrated system: from vision and optics, robotics, motion control to data science solutions.

There are plenty of opportunities for companies in, for example, metal, machine and equipment construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and plastics, but also in agriculture, food and horticulture. During Vision, Robotics & Motion you will discover the opportunities and smart solutions for applying industrial integrated systems in practice.

Vision, Robotics & Motion focuses on the following current themes and trends:

  • Vision: machine vision, embedded vision, 3D inspection systems, short-wave infrared (SWIR), hyperspectral, 2D vision, surface analysis, smart cameras
  • Optics: Liquid lenses, UV optics, Infrared optics
  • Robotics: robots, cobots, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) and machine and robot safety
  • Motion control: integrated industrial communications, IT and OT synchronization, scalable and accessible products, 5G
  • Data science: Artificial Intelligence, deep and machine learning, embedded systems
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