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AMPOWER report 2024: ‘Eindhoven in the Netherlands is home to Brainport, one of the global AM hotspots’

Find out why the Netherlands - and the Brainport region in particular - is proving to be a leading region for AM startups. And let three promising AM startups explain to you why they have settled in Brainport Eindhoven.

The new AMPOWER Insights on Venture Capital and Startups in AM released. This AMPOWER Insights is based on a joint database of the industry leaders in consulting and Venture Capital for Additive Manufacturing AMPOWER and AM Ventures. The market analysis was performed by AMPOWER and is based on over 3,000 startups in Additive Manufacturing.

Besides the absolute number of startups, AM hotspots can be identified by the number per country in relation to the specific economic performance, such as the GDP. Below, the graph displays the identified AM hotspots by number of AM startups for every trillion EUR of the countries GDP. This approach provides a more nuanced view and highlights the density of AM activities in smaller countries.


Israel and the Netherlands are the leading regions for AM startups considering the company numbers relative to the countries’ economic power.

Israel leads with 130 AM startups per trillion EUR GDP while the Netherlands ranks second with an adjusted 116 startups, followed by Singapore with 108 AM startups/GDP. In comparison to the leaders in absolute numbers of USA and Germany, these countries have a far denser AM startup landscape. Remarkably, in this representation China is in last place of the top 20 countries with only 10 AM startups per trillion EUR of GDP.

Both Israel and Netherlands are known to provide a nurturing environment for technological startups in general, being in the top 10 in many published rankings (e.g. DEALBOOK or CRUNCHBASE). This environment radiates out to support and attract AM startups as well. The analysis shows, that South-Western-Central Europe has the highest density of AM startups with 8 of the top 10 countries located in the region.

The Brainport Eindhoven region can be called a frontrunner in 3D printing. In this relatively small area, of about thirty kilometers in circumference around Eindhoven, there are 70 suppliers in Additive Manufacturing. That is a high concentration.

In Brianport Eindhoven, there is a lot of knowledge here about materials, mechatronics, and design in general. These three competencies are important to achieve an application. You don't see that unique concentration of competencies in many regions.

Achieving a change in the total supply chain requires collaboration. You can see that collaboration in the Brainport region on various campuses. In this way, a lot of knowledge comes together and AM startups can find the right partners for a particular application, development, or production line.

Let the founders of these three promising AM startups explain to you why they settled in Brainport Eindhoven.


About the startup
Tectonic-3D is a full-service solution provider and advanced materials developer that enhances the production of high-end parts. Tectonic-3D leverages existing 3D technology and knowledge to create the first one-stop shop for high-end parts and application development. They guide and assist their partners along the entire value chain, from the initial vision to the final product. The expertise and experience provide OEMs with the necessary tools and confidence to effectively navigate this new market for high-end 3D manufacturing.

Kenneth Kempinski, co-founder and CEO
"As Tectonic-3D began to consider possible locations to base its Netherlands’ operations, the High Tech Campus was the obvious choice for multiple reasons.  In addition to immediate name recognition within the dynamic, entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Campus is also very close to several universities with exceptional talent pools to draw upon.  Additionally, we’ve been able to leverage local additive manufacturing machine/materials manufacturers who are either directly or indirectly involved with the Brainport.  We see a tremendous opportunity here for growth and discovery and are excited to be part of the High Tech Campus."


About the startup
AMSYSTEMS is a development and supply partner for industrial AM printing technology, providing hardware and software solutions to SLA/DLP printer builders and industrial end-users. AMSYSTEMS' solutions are dedicated to speed up and improve the printing performance of industrial resin-based 3D Stereolithography printers. Realizing an increase in productivity at all scales combined with high resolution (10 – 40 µm) product quality.

Roeland Brugman, founder and CCO
"As a country and as a region, it is relevant to explicitly choose strategic themes such as AM, AI and System Engineering. In coordination with industry, universities and Research and Technology Organizations, such as TNO, have been working on these themes in a planned manner for several years, as a result of which the Brainport region has developed into a rich source of impactful innovations. Driven AM startups are nothing but necessary to bring these developments to industrial adaptation. This is why AMSYSTEMS has logically settled in Brainport Eindhoven."


About the startup
FononTech is shaping the way how next generation electronics are being made. Powered by their Impulse Printing™ technology, FononTech enables the assembly of highly complex 3D microelectronics in a scalable and sustainable way. Ultimately with the goal of using these innovative additive solutions to improve consumer electronics through higher performance and an environmental impact reduction.

Fabien Bruning, co-founder and CTO
"The Brainport region has a focus on high-end mechanical engineering and mechatronics. As a result, there are many partners and suppliers who focus on this, and there is also a similar way of working within various companies. Design principles such as statically determined design and the use of flexure elements are standard here in the region. As a result, many high-end parts are also available custom-made close by because they are used in the chip industry. From TU/e and knowledge institutes, such as TNO and Holst Centre, come new innovations in the field of AM and printed electronics. Well-trained personnel are already resident in the region for this reason."


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