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Smart Region

Brainport Eindhoven has become the world’s smartest region because of the ability to cooperate within the Quadruple Helix: government, business, research and society. The region has the unique power and position to function as one large Living Lab by continuously creating, evaluating, validating, producing and scaling up innovative solutions for and with citizens and civil society in the 21st urban century. Thereby, making Brainport Eindhoven one of the global leaders in solving the challenges addressed in the Urban agenda.

Two major developments in the Brainport region are:

  • International Hub XL, inner city and redevelopment with existing residents
  • Brainport Smart District, urban and new construction with pioneers

Integrated and systematic approach

UDI consists of an innovation ecosystem that brings together an ingenious portfolio of urban living labs that collaborate to scale innovation. By quickly anticipating the worldwide changes and continuously forming new connections, we create new opportunities for everyone. The UDI adds to the existing piloting of innovations in the build environment.

  • First of all an integrated and systemic approach which consciously and explicitly combines technological, social, business and governance aspects of innovation, doesn’t focus on isolated problems but on the need for a systemic approach to solve the complex urban challenges of today, and does this always in co-creation with all stake and share holders.
  • Secondly, the UDI is not a project driven one time only collaborative innovation initiative but strives to be a permanent innovation eco-system for the build environment that evolves over time in tandem with the changing fundamental societal challenges our cities and urban societies are facing.