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Manifest for a digitally enabled new way of working

Written by Urban Development Initiative

Written by Urban Development Initiative

The innovation challenges of digitally-enabled urban planning need to be addressed systematically. In order to do so, partners of Urban Planning Reimagined have created a Manifest. The Manifest addresses the societal and economic sustainability of a digitally enabled new way of working, and offers guidelines to create better use cases.

Specifically, the Manifest offers guidelines for:

  • Setting up an Integrated Impact Assessment Framework (IIAF)
  • Innovating ethically
  • How to engage all stakeholders
  • How to work together (game rules)

Recent developments in public innovation (EU and NL) require partners to work mission-oriented, engaging the public and all stakeholders. Through sharing knowledge and working together in use cases, partners of the Urban Planning Reimagined program have co-created the Manifest.

Translating that to UDI and the digital approach of our program, we asked ourselves: "How to develop a digitally enabled new way of working for integrated urban planning?".

Manifest Light Document | Manifest Volledig Document

The manifest is a living document, it will be updated based on the lessons we learn in the use-cases.