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Startup Readiness Program

Startup Readiness Program

Startup Readiness Program at The Gate

The Startup Readiness Program (SRP), including SRP Data / AI - is The Gate's business incubator, in partnership with Braventure and BOM.

During this startup development program, you will be helped by experts to accelerate your startup. The program consists of four different modules: Ready, Game, Set and Match. Depending on what point you are at with your startup, an appropriate module is available. Check out the complete overview: SRP Calendar 2024

Besides the program with the different modules, in the Startup Readiness Program you will be guided by mentors, experts and coaches. You get (online) tools, startup deals and community events are organized to expand your network even further. Below you will find more information about the different modules and registration options. 

More interested in specific topics like funding or patents? Make sure to check out The Gate Academy or visit the Walk-in hours with our service partners

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Startup Readiness Program: The complete overview can be downloaded here

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Startup Readiness Program Data & AI


The Startup Readiness Program Data - AI is designed specifically to accelerate your data/AI startup. Like the regular SRP, the program consists of four different modules. We also offer stand-alone Data - AI workshops that you can register for without participating in any of the modules of the Startup Readiness Program. Find more information about Data - AI workshops below.

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