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Our team

Are you a startup from the Brainport region or do you have plans to start a business with a new innovation or technology, product or service? The team at The Gate would love to help you get started!

To make a strong start, it is important that your idea literally gets off the ground. And there's a lot involved in that. The business developers at The Gate have specialist knowledge and a large network. They are there to help you further.

Het Team The Gate

Our Business developers

Bart van Grevenhof

Business Developer Student Entrepreneurship | TU/e

Beaudine Moll

Jr. Business Developer Student Entrepreneurship | TU/e

Fons Sweegers

Business Developer Energy & Built Environment | TU/e

Marcel Quist

Business Developer AI and MedTech | TU/e

Marcella Gagliardo

Business Developer Electronics, Photonics & Quantum | TU/e

Sebastiaan Huntjens

Business Developer Medtech | Biotech

Anne Nuwenhoud

Business Developer | Summa College

Gert Poppe

Business Developer | Fontys

Pepijn Herman

Manager Product Development | BOM

Jelle Schunselaar

Business Developer | Brainport Development

Marielle Sleumer

Business Developer | Brainport Development

Piet van der Wielen

Programmamanager Business | Brainport Development

Het Team The Gate