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Our support for student startups

Are you a student from the Brainport region? And do you have plans to start a business with a new innovation or technology, product or service? Congrats, you found the right organization to help you!

As a student, we offer comprehensive support to help you prepare for the journey of turning your innovative ideas into successful ventures. Our services include:

  • startup coaching
  • intellectual property advice
  • startup readiness programs
  • workshops
  • access to the most used funding opportunities within the Brainport region and beyond

We're here to help you. Read more about our services: 


Workshops & Masterclasses

Learn how to

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Patents and intellectual property

Assistance with patent applications

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All possibilities at a glance

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Walk-in hours

Talks with our service partners

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To get off to a strong start, it is important that your idea literally gets off the ground. And there is a lot to consider. The business developers of The Gate have a background in tech and an extensive network within the Brainport region. They are here to help you along.

Our business developers

Bart van Grevenhof

Business Developer Student Entrepreneurship | TU/e

Beaudine Moll

Jr. Business Developer Student Entrepreneurship | TU/e