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Financial set-up and management for non-financial founders

The gate academy Eindhoven

By Robin Hendrickx, BOM & Michel Ziekman, Rabobank
29 May 2024 | 15:30-17:00

Alpha Building, room 2.12

Masterclass | Intermediate

Finance is not boring, and during this workshop we will tell you why! Finance is one of the most crucial and at the same time overlooked elements of running an early-stage venture. Just ask ChatGPT about the importance of it, you will be shocked! During the workshop we will dive into the funda¬mentals of finance. You will be introduced to the world of financial strategy, set-up and manage¬ment for startups. Topics such as a three-state¬ment model and easy ways to operationalize finance will be covered. After the session you will understand why finance is of utmost importance for an early-stage company and how you can easily start implementing a basic finance function within your venture.

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