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On our way to a fully circular business

Speaker: Wietse van den Bogaard - Head of Brewing, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers


How to transform an ambition regarding circularity into an actionable and measurable way-of-working, that is the steering backbone of our entire business operation.
To do so, we have developed the Swinkels Circularity Index; through which we report on 3 core-processes:

  1. circular procurement
  2. circular production
  3. high-quality reuse

In this talk our Head of Brewing, Wietse, will elaborate on our bold and entrepreneurial actions to successfully integrate circularity. Thereby creating lasting value for our consumers, our employees, our relations, our shareholders and the world around us.

“The goods of today, will become the resources of tomorrow.”

Wietse van den Bogaard - Royal Swinkels Family Brewers