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How millions of lines of data become 1 in a PSV training

Speaker: Maud Diepstraten & Diederick Edel 


Big Data collaboration between PSV & ASML translates millions of lines of data

PSV Analytics project is a collaboration with PSV Sport performance and ASML BAS Big Data. Back in November 2020, the project was started up with the intent to help the Dutch premier top football club unlock, use and optimize the large amounts of data it has been collecting. The three months proof of value ended on 4 March with a final presentation in the Stadion.

The team used a cloud platform and insights provided by TU/e to build a model that provides valuable insights. Millions of lines of data per game had been translated into dynamic images showing training staff how the game plan was executed and how pitch dominance changed during the match with every passing ball. The team had a session with PSV youth team head coach Ruud van Nistelrooij to discuss next steps. From these and other sessions came ideas that the team will pursue.