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LEVEL UP – startup event Brainport Eindhoven

Below you can find a brief explanation of the various workshop sessions. 

First round of workshop sessions

  • Leveraging IP for Success - Anna Wetzels (The Gate)
    What is Intellectual Property (IP) and why is it important for a business?  Tips on obtaining and using IP rights.
  • Startup fuckups​​​​​​
    What is going wrong and what can we learn from it?
  • How to do business with local governments? - Jan van Creij (Municipality of Eindhoven) - this workshop will be held in DUTCH
    Purchasing processes, European tenders, procurements, it's a world on its own. How do you make sure you are well prepared if you want to do business with the municipality of Eindhoven?
  • Battle for talent - Evert Fila (moderator), Isabeau Bruno (Sendcloud) & Tessa Lips (Avular)
    There is a worldwide shortage of (good) talent. In the region, too, there are many vacancies. Do startups suffer or benefit from big players like ASML or Philips? What opportunities are there for startups and scaleups? 
  • Solving societal challenges with deep tech Robin van Scheijndel (HighTechXL)
    Society is facing many challenges: global warming, food shortages and the energy transition, just to name a few. The era of deep-tech accelerates efforts and finding solutions for global challenges. But what exactly is 'deep tech'? How are 'deep tech' startups different to 'tech' startups? During this workshop, deep tech venture builder HighTechXL will provide insights into the world of deep-tech startups & venture building. It will shed light on the potential as well as the challenges that come with building deep-tech startups.

Second round of workshop sessions

  • Growing your startup means difficult decisions to make - Gijs van de Molengraft (Gritd)
    With the growth of your startup also come new challenges. When do you get out as a founder, or do you step aside? How do you distribute the equity?
  • C♀O means funding and more - Simone Brummelhuis (Borski Fund)
    Picture this: 5% of all Venture Capital investment go to diverse teams made up of both males and females. Only 1% is invested in all-female teams. At the same time, research shows that diverse teams are more innovative and perform better overall. It is vitally important that innovation by female entrepreneurs is encouraged more. In this workshop you learn about different funding opportunities for startups with female CXO's and what women should and shouldnt do to get funding. 
  • Why startups don't get funding? - Gertjan Vaessen (BOM) & Frank van de Ven (The Gate)
    About 80% of start-ups seek funding at the wrong stage and in the wrong place. If you don't succeed in finding investors, it's probably due to insufficient insight into the financing landscape and/or the way you bring your idea to the attention of the public. 
  • A bumpy road – how to position a disruptive technology in the market - Carlos Zwikker (AM-Flow)
    Learn from the experienced entrepreneur Carlos Zwikker about important steps you need to take if you want to successfully market your product and grow your startup. Topics include market validation, finding funding and the right team composition. 
  • Conquering the world with your startup? Here you find help. - Anne Verhaag (Brainport Development), Lieke Conijn en Maurits van Dijk (RVO), Helena Samodurova (Incooling), Mark Koppers (BOM), Jan-Peter Meeuwse (Cordis Suite)
    What should you think of once you want to go internationally? What opportunities are there?
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