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Interlocality: Closing Event

Voertaal: Engels
  18 November 2024
Locatie:  Eindhoven, Nederland

International degree students often struggle to find internships and employment locally/in the region they study. In 2022 UCN, Arcada, FH Münster, SEND and Fontys UAS joined forces to increase the stay rate of their international students. During their 3-year research project INTERLOCALITY the consortium gained insight into the main obstacles of students, employers, UAS and third-sector organisations in increasing the local employability of their international students. They developed a monitoring tool, a system for systematic guidance of these students and online modules to increase the knowledge of lecturers, employers and others involved in the labour market issues of international students.
We are organising an event to present the outcomes of our activities and the tools we developed. The programme includes a plenary session in the morning and interactive workshops in which practical tools and tips will be shared.
There is ample space to learn from many other participating higher education institutes and regions and their successes in improving the local employability of international students.
For a select group of international attendees, we are offering a highly exclusive session on increasing the stay rate, conducted by Nuffic (The Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education) on Tuesday, the 19th.

If you are interested in attending the event, please fill out this form, and we will keep you informed about the programme, location, and other practicalities.
You can also sign up to facilitate one of the interactive workshops in which you share your own experiences and approaches to increasing the employability of international students in your region. 

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