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Tier-one design & contract manufacturing partner with global operations

VDL Enabling Technologies Group of the Dutch VDL concern is a leading global supplier with extensive experience in design, development, production and realization. VDL ETG produces a wide variety of industrial and innovative products and machines, from complex components to finished products. Due to the unique combination of knowledge and high-quality craftsmanship under one roof, the company can always offer its customers and partners a solution, no matter the demand.   

On the one hand, VDL ETG offers a broad and innovative organization supporting its high-tech customers with their development and engineering needs, contributing throughout the entire life cycle of a component or finished product. On the other hand, they also offer world-class 24-hour production facilities worldwide, producing components, modules and complete systems using advanced manufacturing techniques.  

VDL ETG proves time and again that they can turn innovative ideas into industrial solutions for the most diverse applications. From their eleven sites in Europe, Asia and the USA, the company can serve its customers worldwide, leading to long-term partnerships. 

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Headquarters VDL ETG


VDL ETG business units in 5 countries

1.1 billion

Revenue in 2020


Engineers at VDL ETG T&D

40 days

Paid holidays for employees per year

Jobs at VDL ETG