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EFFECT Photonics

Where Light Meets Digital

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EFFECT Photonics delivers highly integrated systems for optical communication driven by the evolution and network architectures needed to meet end-user demands.

Using our proprietary digital signal processing and forward error correction technology and ultra-pure light sources, we offer compact form factors with seamless integration, cost efficiency, low power, and security of supply. By leveraging established microelectronics industry partners, we are able to provide manufacturing at scale and security of supply. Embracing a hybrid business model – transceivers and sub-assemblies – we support the need for disaggregation of key building blocks in 5G and beyond, access-ready coherent solutions, and cloud and cloud edge services.

We think our team members are the most amazing people you will ever meet. Their talent and passion drives our success and their loyalty is what defines us and makes the difference.

EFFECT Photonics is a young, dynamic and ambitious international team with passion for cutting edge photonic technologies.

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