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University of Applied Sciences

As one of the Netherlands' largest universities of applied sciences, Fontys is home to students of over 100 nationalities, with campuses in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo. Their education is closely connected to practical research, where students, lecturers, and researchers collaborate with industry professionals to bring innovation to the field and tackle complex societal issues.

Fontys offers international bachelor and master programmes in various fields: Arts, Allied Health Professions, Business, Economics and Management, ICT, Engineering, and Logistics. Additionally, they welcome many international students to join one of their English-taught exchange programmes. 

Every campus has state-of-the-art learning facilities, including group and individual workstations, excellent IT support, research laboratories and restaurants. Each programme has its unique professional context, curriculum, and educational approach, reflecting our belief in the strength of diversity and talent-based education.

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