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Fontys ICT Innovations Insight 2024

  • Technologie
  • Opschaling energie-innovatie en producten
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Thinking big, acting small – learning how to fail

Speakers: Gosse Reinsma (Manager Jumbo Tech Campus) Thijs Kuin (Technical Pathfinder) - Jumbo

In this presentation we share our challenges and our learnings in building Jumbo’s Tech Campus. How to support, run and change such a fast-growing business? How to setup your teams to encourage autonomy and an experimentation mindset? Through several real-life examples of successful (and less successful) innovations, we show how we are trying to translate bold thoughts into small steps – and how we have learned to listen to our customers along the way.

"Innovation is not something that needs to be managed, but we think it needs to be organized."

Gosse Reinsma & Thijs Kuin - Jumbo Supermarkten