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To boldly shrink what no one has done be

Speaker: Jan Mulkens, ASML

ASML has been on a scaling journey within the lithography process for more than 37 years. This scaling, what we call ‘shrink’, has been enabled by etching chip patterns using increasingly lower ultra-violet wavelengths and higher numerical aperture (NA) optical systems – namely, lenses and mirrors. While extreme ultra-violet (EUV) wavelength is able to print the smallest features, deep ultra-violet (DUV) continues to be the workhorse of the industry. In this talk I will invite the audience to join me as we review the major breakthroughs during ASML’s DUV scaling journey. These breakthroughs show how unimaginable optical and mechanical tricks have brought ASML to the leading edge of the semiconductor industry.

"1988 was a great year, not only for football but also for ASML."

Jan Mulkens - ASML