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Fontys ICT Innovations Insight 2024

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Jumbo Foodcoach technology

Speakers: Robert Jan Koens, Manager Foodcoach, Customer strategy Ararat Martirossyan


Jumbo Foodcoach technology: entering a new era of personalized nutrition for Donyell Malen, Wout van Aert and Annie from Assen Jumbo‚Äôs mission: Making delicious and healthy food easily accessible to everyone. Since 2017 we build together with Pro sport teams as PSV and TJV the revolutionairy technology platform Jumbo Foodcoach to make the health choice the easy choice.

In this workshop we will share our war stories on how we have been building technology in an agile development process in a high demanding business. Share what launching new breaktthrough technology in a pro sport environment looks like. Discuss successes like Tim Cook tweeting about our technology. And more importantly the challenges we have faced developing and launching this breakthrough technology for the happy few and soon the happy many!

How Jumbo Foodcoach technology and worldclass coaching expertise of PSV and Team Jumbo Visma is helping the happy few and many stepping in a new era of (performance) nutrition.