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From Gas & Oil to Elektrolysers, that’s means transition in people, building and all other resources

Speaker: Marco Rine , VDL Groep

The takeover of Siemens Hengelo has placed the company in a transition on three fronts. Where the company used to make oil and gas turbines, it now focuses more and more on designing, building and supplying systems that enable the energy transition. VDL Energy Systems is working towards a sustainable future. This transition is visible in three areas. In addition to completely changing the output of the company, we will also be moving to new premises that are completely focused on the new activities. In addition, the staff will also have to acquire other competencies. We take you through this threefold transition towards energy transition.

“At VDL Energy Systems we want to be a frontrunner in the era of hydrogen, the fuel of the future.”

Marco Rine - VDL Groep