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Brainport Eindhoven, the human Silicon Valley

Speaker: Frits van Hout and Monique Mols - Brainport Development

Time after time companies like Philips and ASML succeed in achieving the seemingly impossible. Innovations are realized that improve lives and make them better, more fun and more enjoyable. We achieve this together and for each other. The success of new products is largely caused by our egalitarian way of working. By challenging each other and allowing others their successes, together we are always able to rise to great heights.

An international visitor once called Brainport the ‘Human Silicon Valley’. By this he meant to say that Brainport Eindhoven is all about talents collaborating to create amazing technology. And that together we build this pleasant environment to work and live in.

During this session we will discuss the success factors of Brainport Eindhoven but we will also explore what makes an engineer, tech companies and tech start-ups successful. And what makes technology human? Frits brings years of experience into our conversation and I look forward to hearing his untold stories.