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Improving people's lives


Developing Connected Care solutions 

Philips develops systems, tools and applications that tackle the world’s most significant medical and consumer health challenges, such as cardiac disease prevention, cancer diagnosis, air purification, well-being in pregnancy and monitoring patients inside and outside hospital walls. It aims to produce healthcare solutions for the future. For example, Philips develops Connected Care solutions in close colaboration with hospitals.

Biosensors and  monitoring platforms such as the IntelliVue Guardian platform are examples of solution that enable medical staff to detect deterioration in patients at an early stage while reducing the administrative burden for nurses.

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‘I believe in improving healthcare through technology, data and close collaboration with hospitals"

Johannes Andriessen is Senior Manager Connected Care at Philips. In the Benelux market he is responsible for healthcare solutions such as biosensors and monitoring platforms. In developing these solutions, Philips works closely together with hospitals and relevant partners. In this process, the clinical question is leading. The healthdot, a sensor that monitors patients inside and outside hospital walls, is a good example of this.

Healthdot resulted from partnership in Brainport Eindhoven
“The development of the healthdot, a sensor with which patients can be monitored within the walls of the hospital but also after their discharge, has been realized at an accelerated pace in view of the pandemic,"says Johannes. "At Philips, we develop solutions based on customer demand. We start from the clinical question and, together with healthcare institutes, map out the pain points and how we can solve them together. The healthdot, which was developed in collaboration with the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven and the Holst Centre research institute, is a good example of this. It originated from a structural regional partnership in Brainport Eindhoven called e / MTIC (Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center). Philips, TU / e and three top clinical care organizations in the region - Maxima Medical Center, Catharina Hospital and Kempenhaeghe - work together in this.

A company with a purpose that I believe in
"Philips is a health company that wants to improve healthcare through close collaboration with hospitals, technology, and data. I believe in that. I find a number of elements in my work very important, but the most important thing for me is that I agree with the direction, vision and purpose of the company I work for. I really believe in the development of virtual care centers. Care centers where patients are monitored remotely. "

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Societal impact

Improving 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030

Philips' goals are as inspiring as its technology. First and foremost, the company aims to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030. Philips will achieve this by delivering superior, long-term value to its customers and shareholders while acting responsibly towards our planet and society. The company also strives to be the best place to work for people who share its passion while promoting personal development, inclusion and diversity.  

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
As a purpose-driven company, Philips takes a fully integrated approach to doing business responsibility and sustainably. Building on our proven track record in sustainability over the years, Philips has adopted a comprehensive set of key commitments across all the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) dimensions that guide the execution of the company strategy.

Brainport factor

Open cooperation and innovation

Philips once laid the basis for the Brainport Eindhoven region as we know it today. A top technology region that is renown for its open innovation, co-creation and unique collaboration between companies, knowledge institutes and government.  Nowadays, Philips has a large Healthcare Campus in the region and a location on High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCe): the center for technology-enabled innovation in The Netherlands. An open campus, targeted at fostering open cooperation between different companies and institutes. There over 8,000 researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs work closely together, developing the technologies and products of tomorrow. It is where new ideas are born!