21-28 october, 2018

Think. Make. Matter. Join our Tech Xperience Week

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Do they have what it takes to design the future?

Tech Xperience Week

The TECH XPERIENCE WEEK has been a mindblowing xperience for 10 talented people (outside the Netherlands) who were invited to join us for 8 days this autumn. Together we explored some of the most promising technologies we know today. Technologies that are expected to have genuine impact on the primary societal challenges the world is facing today.

Think. Make. Matter. Join.

Tech Xperience Week

Meet the Candidates

Tech Xperience Week

The Programme

Eindhoven Airport


Arival day. Meet up with the candidates at The Student Hotel, Eindhoven.


Discover the impact of our future technologies and explore the capital of Brabant: ‘s-Hertogenbosch!


Today it’s all about mobility


Welcome at the smartest km² in Europe. The High Tech Campus


Meet like-minded people.


Let’s talk about design.


Where design meets Technology.
Visit Dutch Design Week.

Tech Xperience Week


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How we help

Your guides during this week

This Tech Xperience Week was sponsored and organised by Brabant and Brainport Eindhoven. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Tech Xperience Week

Brainport Eindhoven