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Collaborative hunting for nanoMeters, milliKelvins and microTesla’s

Speaker: Gerrit Oosterhuis, VDL Groep

High-tech/Semiconductor equipment requires technical features that are typically beyond everything that has been done before. The development departments of VDL ETG play a crucial role in bringing together functional design and manufacturing to enable the impossible. Technical examples will be presented to illustrate this: positioning stages, thermal control of substrates, electron microscopes.

  • Guiding questions to answer in the presentation, with the technical examples as example:
  • Why are these technically difficult features needed? What makes them so difficult?
  • How do time-to-market requirements drive the current supplychain collaboration models?
  • How does supplychain collaboration support the development process and how should it be organized?
  • Why does a contract manufacturer need to have a 500+ development crew?
  • How is contract manufacturing changing? What has been my personal role in this process?