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Whether you are studying, working or having a company here, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Innovation for life

Opportunities for high-tech potentials

Are you wondering to take the next step and start your career? Ever thought about a future in The Netherlands?

TNO is an independent research & development organisation in The Netherlands that functions as the bridge between the world of academia and the business realm. We translate research findings into straightforward applications and solutions to solve the problems the world will encounter the day after tomorrow.

For example, TNO multidisciplinary teams make health care better and more affordable by developing health monitoring devices, next generation of imaging and enabling personalised medicine and food via 3D printing. Also, TNO teams work actively on lowering the CO2 content in our air by developing safe energy storage methods for renewable energy and reinventing the way the chemical industry make their products.

We take the time to think creatively and deeply about issues, and then once a project is running, we start looking for more tools, models and recommendations that Dutch and foreign companies and organisations will benefit from in the future. TNO has around 3,300 employees working within nine domains for a wide range of clients, such as government agencies, the SME sector, civil society organisations, larger companies and service providers.

Read more about the Focus of TNO Unit Industry

Within TNO, you will be working in the most enterprising unit of them all: Industry. At various sites throughout the Netherlands, the 600 members of the Industry unit work on innovations to stimulate industry and ensure it remains leading-edge whilst at the same time contribute to the wellbeing and welfare in and beyond the Netherlands. You will work predominantly at our Eindhoven sites but will also visit some of our other locations like the ones in Geleen, Delft, The Hague or Utrecht to name a few. As such, you’ll soon become intimately acquainted with the wide range of with the diverse people and wide range of expertise featured at TNO. You will quickly recognize that one thing we all have in common is a positive, future-oriented attitude that makes for a very pleasant work environment.

Read more about TNO as an employer

Meet some of your future TNO colleagues

We often have vacancies open for new talents in the roles of:

  • Scientist
  • System Engineer
  • Project Leader
  • Program Manager

These positions require intelligence and strong technical knowledge combined with managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Together with our clients we actively work on industrial implementation of our developments and have a pro-active spin-out policy. We have established processes to give our employees the possibility to move to start-ups and take part in their own company!

The disciplines we are foremost looking for are: Material ScienceBiomedical EngineeringIntegrated photonicsChemistryPhysicsElectrical Engineering and Mechatronics.

The units situated in Eindhoven are:

In the vicinity of Eindhoven are also:

Vacancies will be posted on our central Career website. You can install a Job Alert to receive them in your inbox. You can also send an open application by e-mail to our recruiter.

If you have any questions about a career with TNO please contact our Corporate Recruiter Paul Verschoor on:

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