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Fifteen years ago the Taiwanese company Advantech moved its European Service Center to the city of Eindhoven with the help of the economic development agency of the Province of Brabant. It proved to be a wise choice.

Thanks to Advantech’s success on the European market the company further expands its activities in Eindhoven in 2018. Why Advantech feels at home in Eindhoven? Mainly because of three reasons, that are mentioned below.

Great logistics

An important reason for Advantech to settle in Eindhoven is the international business climate and the proximity of large European harbours. This supports the company’s logistics and this leads to an acceleration of the turnover. Eindhoven’s smart logistic connections make the city an ideal place to invest in for companies and to continue growing.

Highly skilled technical talent

Eindhoven’s cultural and innovative diversity makes it easy for Advantech to tap into a high-quality, multilingual pool of technology professionals. Since the company settled in Eindhoven the number of employees has grown from 110 to over 150 employees. Moreover, these employees like working in an international environment.

Hightech in Eindhoven

Advantech is located on Eindhoven’s Science Park which is also known as hotspot for technology education and research. The Science Park represents everything Eindhoven stands for: innovation, technology and industry. That is why it is the ideal place for Advantech.

Ambitious expansion

Jeff Shih, VP at Advantech Global Services, explains why Advantech’s expansion is so important: “this ambitious expansion of the Eindhoven Service Center will help support our growth target of €350M revenue in year 2025,” says Jeff Shih, VP of Advantech Global Services. “Most importantly, the new Intelligent Building System and Intelligent Factory System we’re creating here will provide a compelling real-world demonstration to customers of the value of our extensive range of smart technologies.”

“Through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the world will be more intelligent and smarter. Advantech wants to be the enabler that stimulates this transition into a new Internet of Things era.”

Jeff Shih, VP – Advantech Global Services

The expansion

The expansion of Advantech will enlarge production, logistics and office facilities. Next to housing over 150 employees, the high-tech building will also serve as a demo site, displaying the latest of Advantech’s service IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. It will be fitted with the latest smart technology innovations: from high-tech building automation to the possibility for customers to observe the solutions in person.