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Automotive Campus

Turning automotive technology and smart and green mobility solutions into business.

Automotive Campus

Centre of gravity of automotive technology

Former Volvo Nedcar development centre has transformed into an international automotive and mobility hotspot where industry, start-ups, education, knowledge institutes and government come together in an open innovation, OEM-independent and neutral setting where all kinds of systems can be tested.

The Automotive Campus in the city of Helmond is the Dutch centre of gravity in the field of automotive technology and smart and green mobility. It offers an attractive learning and working environment, state-of-the-art technological (test) facilities and flexible accommodation concepts.

The campus offers room for testing, simulation and prototyping. It is where automotive technology is turned into business and where solutions offering answers to future mobility challenges are developed.

Collaboration accelerates smart and green mobility innovations

The research and development and introduction of future technologies in the fields of smart and green mobility requires cross-sectoral collaboration between companies, educational and knowledge institutes and government in the fields of energy, ICT, infrastructure and traffic management.

You find all of these partners on the campus. They are either located on the campus or visit it frequently for workshops, seminars, events or other knowledge sessions. As the campus houses AutomotiveNL, the Dutch cluster organization for the automotive industry, over 10 institutes organise and attract a great number of events and numerous visitors.

The Automotive campus is the place to be to take your innovation to market.

Automotive Campus

World class companies and organisations on Automotive Campus

Automotive Campus

Benefits Automotive Campus offers companies and knowledge institutes

A global testbed on both green and smart mobility (i.e. cooperative and connected driving). OEM independent, neutral and with strong government support

Because of its unique and state-of-the-art facilities and government supported public test roads the Automotive Campus and its surroundings serves as the international testing environment of Europe. Diverse systems can be tested, there is (almost) no influence or involvement of brand-bound activity as it is an OEM-independent and neutral setting. This offers you a unique opportunity to test in an operational setting.

Working together on accelerating innovation and reducing time-to-market

The Automotive Campus is a place where a great diversity of companies and organisations in the field of mobility come together. These parties are used to working together closely. The result is that at the campus on the one hand you find partners to actually develop, test, prototype and build systems that are beyond your imagination in the most efficient way possible. On the other hand, at the campus you find public and private partners that contribute to the design of a platform that facilitates an effective and wide rollout of technology. In this way you can go through the process of product development to market introduction within an unequalled amount of time. Just like, Siemens, Altran, TomTom and DAF did before you.

Many promising start-ups, ideal place for technology spotting

Automotive Campus offers a rich breeding ground for mobility start-ups as it offers them incubation services like direct access to facilities, affordable workspaces and a relevant network of renown automotive companies. In general, a lot of promising automotive and smart and green mobility student teams, start-ups and innovations can be found in Brainport Eindhoven because of its high amount of fundamental and applied research (mobility is a strategic area of Eindhoven University of Technology), co-creation by companies and knowledge institutes and crosspollination from other sectors. In short: the campus is an ideal place for start-ups to settle and for established companies to spot new technology and to be inspired by the next generation of mobility professionals.

Future talent pool within direct reach

Automotive Campus cooperates with and houses educational institutes at all levels varying from vocational education to university. Five-hundred automotive students are on the campus to learn and put their knowledge into practice. This means a future talent pool is always within direct reach. Moreover, the presence of the educational institutes leads to continuous education and cross-pollination between education and daily practice and students and experienced professionals. Established mobility companies and young talent challenge each other to come up with boundless ideas. This is how future mobility solutions are created.

Easy market access – soft landing

To experience the benefits of the Automotive Campus and get acquainted with the Dutch automotive and mobility ecosystem the campus offers a special partnership for foreign companies. In a free trial period of two months the Automotive Campus will arrange a unique soft landing program for you and your company.


The last hurdle in going to market is product homologation. Brainport Eindhoven can provide the final and independent verification of your product’s compliance with worldwide standards. Time is money. Rejection is bad news. Outstanding test procedures and expert consultancy make the difference. Guarantee quality, reduce risk, speed time-to-market and increase product value.

Automotive Campus

11,000 m2 facilities (and growing), 600 engineers and researchers, 500 automotive students at all educational levels.
45 companies and knowledge institutes, 25 labs and test facilities, 600 meetings and events a year, 20,000 visitors a year.

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