Photo: Bram Saeys, Brainport Techweek Experience Week; ASML Eindhoven 2018

Tech Xperience Week

The Programme

Brainport Eindhoven in Brabant, (The Netherlands) is one of world’s leading top technology hubs.

Eindhoven Airport


Arrival day!

Meet up with the candidates at The Student Hotel, Eindhoven.







Fujifilm and Vanderlande

What do you think when we say: FUJIFILM?
Fujifilm is helping to make the world a better, healthier and more interesting place. Together we learn more about their stories, technologies and open innovation. We will explore the newest production line in the offset plates factory and visit the European Open Innovation Hub where you can have a first-hand experience of the fundamental and core technologies.

Did you ever thought about all logistics at the airport when you took the plane to go on a holiday?
Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports, and in the parcel market. The company is also a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses. We will visit their Innovation Centre with ‘live’ systems. We will test the creativity and logistic insights of the attendees.



Today it's all about mobility

Taking smart mobility to a higher level at VDL GROEP
VDL Groep is an international industrial family-owned company with 100 operating companies, spread over 20 countries and with around 17,000 employees. We will highlight two innovative companies within the group: VDL Enabling Technologies Group: a world-class systems supplier of high-end equipment, you will have a first-hand experience of challenging topics at the intersection of in-house design and manufacturing.
VDL Enabling Transport Solutions. We will show you all the ins and outs of taking smart mobility to a higher level.

What to expect when moving to the Netherlands?
 An orientation tour by bike (of course). We will explore some interesting spots around Eindhoven.
 What makes this area interesting and a great place to live for internationals?

ASML Veldhoven


Welcome at the smartest km² in Europe. The High Tech Campus

Connecting data, technology and people at PHILIPS
As a healthcare company our mission is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. Therefore Philips needs talented and engaged people. This is why we love to show who we are and what we do.
The Tech Experience week candidates will be welcomed at our newest facilities at High Tech Campus (the smartest km² in Europe), where we develop smart digital solutions for and with our customers.



pushing the boundaries of science and engineering

Committed to industrialising 3D printing. Additive Industries is the world’s first dedicated equipment manufacturer for industrial metal additive manufacturing systems. We learn more about the amazing growth this company faced in the last 5 years. We will meet some interesting people who work at Additive and we will challenge each other.

University of Technology  Wind tunnels facilitate aerodynamic and boundary layer research on static and moving objects. Experimental research is required to understand the aerodynamics of an aircraft wing slicing through the air or a cyclist moving over the road. Or to understand the spread of particulate matter through a city, or the wind load caused by a large ship in a harbor.



From EUV to world class blending

ASML makes machines that make chips – the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. In the company’s Experience Center, ASML welcomes us to its high-tech world.

SingularityU The Netherlands is a benefit corporation committed to creating positive and sustainable global impact. We create programs to give people the tools and guidance to understand and apply cutting-edge technologies. This enables them to reimagine and reinvent their industries, companies, careers and lives.

Huijbregts excels at processing powder ingredients for the food industry in a high-quality manner. We will talk about the future of food in 2025.



Design meets Technology - Visit Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven each year in October. Its the biggest design event in Northern Europe with work and ideas of more than 2600 designers that is presented in more than hundred locations across the city,