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Quality of Life - well-connected

A well-connected region

Brainport Eindhoven is a well-connected region with a great infrastructure and a central position in Europe.

With its sublime highway system, the second largest airport in the Netherlands (flights to 75 destinations) and its excellent public transport the region is a gateway to Europe. Moreover, within a 60 to 90 minutes’ drive you find two major seaports (Rotterdam and Antwerp) and three major intercontinental airports (Amsterdam Schiphol, Brussels and Düsseldorf) offering you access to the entire world.

Ideal for commuting

Brainport Eindhoven’s transportation options are also ideal for commuting, everyday traffic or travelling during leisure time. It is a compact area roads are thoroughly maintained, well-lit at night and safe and the public transportation network belongs to best in the world. Trains take you to all major cities multiple times an hour (i.e. a train leaves for Amsterdam every ten minutes, end destination is reached within 80 minutes). Bus stops (Brainport has a high concentration of electric busses) are on every corner – in the cities, but in more rural areas as well. And last but not least: Brainport Eindhoven has thousands of miles of safe bike ways. Eindhoven was recognized as one of the five most bike friendly cities globally. A clean, cheap, healthy and efficient way of traveling

“Eindhoven has a good infrastructure. I take a lot of weekend trips and Eindhoven is a good base for it. Roads are good so I just drive around and from the airport you can fly to a lot of destinations within Europe.”

Software technical lead, Fanis Grollios (31) works for Thermo Fisher Company

Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven Airport

Brainport Eindhoven

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