Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Dazzling tech vibe and high quality of life

Living in the
Brainport Eindhoven region

Eindhoven City Centre


Great diversity in housing at attractive costs

English proficiency

High English proficiency, internationally oriented

Brainport Eindhoven

“Another good thing about the Netherlands is that everyone here speaks English. Professionals speak it very well.”

Automotive product development engineer Mohammed Khan, UK

TU - Eindhoven University of Technology


High quality Of Education

Health system

Outstanding & accessible healthcare


Extra attention for spouses

Eindhoven fashion week

Social Life

Vibrant social Life

Eindhoven centre


Living in the Netherlands


Brainport Eindhoven- a well-connected region

Brainport Eindhoven

“The city of Eindhoven is not overcrowded but it is not too small either. I can get almost everywhere on my bike and bike paths are good.

Software Engineer Pradhayini Ramamurthy, India

The Dutch Tax System

The Dutch Tax System

National park Strabrechtse Heide


Beautiful and tranquil nature