Brainport Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Work together with the smartest minds

Have genuine impact on society

In Brainport the smartest minds, the most skilled workers and the fastest thinkers in IT and technology together invent and manufacture cutting-edge hardware and develop smart software that help solving societal challenges. Work that impacts our future.

Develop breakthrough technologies

An extraordinary combination of open innovation, material knowledge at a subnano level, design expertise, knowledge of systems and system integration, people technology interaction and data science is what characterises Brainport. This rich breeding ground makes it possible to transform innovative ideas into advanced products. See your ideas become reality.

Lots of room for professional growth

High private R&D investments and close cooperation between large multinationals and hundreds of specialised SME’s, in an informal and entrepreneurial manner, results in great achievements in a small geographical area. This high concentration of tech and IT companies also leads to numerous challenging tech and IT jobs, at all levels. Lots of room for personal and professional growth.

Settling in Brainport is easy

International knowledge workers hardly encounter any obstacles when they move to the Dutch Brainport Eindhoven region. Settling in the region is easy, both for EU citizens as for non-EU citizens. In most cases you will have arranged formalities and will be ready to start working within two weeks. Holland Expat Center South helps you in this process. The Expat Center is a non-profit governmental agency that helps you arrange formalities free of charge. It offers information and arranges events so that you can meet other people. This way you will soon feel at home!

Almost 90% of the Dutch population speaks English and over 75% speaks German  
40% of all Dutch spending on research & development is spent in Brainport Eindhoven  
84% of foreigners are satisfied or very satisfied about the quality of their lives in the Netherlands

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“I am in the chain of something bigger.”

Fanis Grollios — Software technical lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific's Materials & Structural Analysis Division


“Something I feel everyone should do every now and then in order to be able to grow.”

Michiel Bloemers — Production leader at NTS-Group


“A very exciting future awaits us and I want to be part of that and contribute to it. That is why I came to the Netherlands.”

Emilio Maldonado — R&D at Punch Powertrain


“TNO is causing a revolution in mobility and i am part of that.”

Maurice Kwakkernaat — Program Manager Automated Driving at TNO


“Cleanliness is a subject that is pertinent during the entire high tech development process from design to production phase.”

Marcel Kouters — Mechanical Design Engineer at NTS-Group

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