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Find the most adequate manufacturing technique of reaction wheel shutter rings of Bradford Engineering.

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Bradford Engineering case

Bradford Engineering to find the most adequate manufacturing technique of shutter rings in Reaction wheels? The Reaction wheels are used in Attitude and Orbit control of Spacecrafts. During the mission the Spacecraft needs to have a very accurate control of the Reaction Wheels speed, providing the best pointing accuracy, and very sharp pictures of faraway starts for Science missions, or very sharp and accurate pictures of roads and buildings for Earth observation.

The speed signal in the Bradford Reaction Wheels is based on the counted pulses retrieved from its shutter ring. The accuracy of the shutter ring slots directly affects the accuracy of the speed. Bradford Engineering would like to have an overview and trade-off of several manufacturing techniques for very accurate shutter rings, but also taking into account costs, compatibility/stability with vacuum and temperature.

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In order to take on this challenge it is recommended to have a background in engineering. Knowledge of manufacturing techniques would be beneficial.

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Bradford Engineering is a world-beating space systems group building non-toxic propulsion, space station facilities, deep space missions, and attitude control systems.

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