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Are you a tech-driven professional who loves a good challenge? Then join our competition by picking a technology case in your field of expertise and sending us your solution. The best participants win a fully paid mind-blowing experience to Europe’s top technology region. During a six-day activity-packed program you will visit world-leading companies, discover cutting-edge technologies that match your interest and get to know Brainport Eindhoven and Brabant region, the Netherlands. This is where tech magic happens and this is your chance to dive right in.

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B.T.W. You will have finished the case within no time. It doesn’t have to be a thesis. It only takes you a couple of Netflix episodes.

How to reproducible generate nanoparticles in vacuum?


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Micro LED displays: what is the market potential for Schunk Xycarb Technology?

Schunk Xycarb Technology

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How can AI technology be used to resolve issues on the robotic system in a more automated way to improve data outcome?

Pivot Park Screening Centre

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Transform high precision component manufacturing machines from NTS into connected machines to create a smart factory.


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Explore the use of Fujifilm membrane technology in the field of energy generation and storage.


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How will the digital era change the relation between patients, healthcare professionals and medication dispensing?


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How can machine learning be used to identify the best Electron Microscopy samples?

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Map the Autoware Autonomous Driving software on the NXP Bluebox while ensuring vehicle safety.


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Design an algorithm that helps a software manager of Vanderlande in hiring the right candidates


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Find the most adequate manufacturing technique of shutter rings in reaction wheels of Bradford Engineering.

Bradford Engineering

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Train an object-recognition AI algorithm to help Philips detect diseases faster and more accurately.


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Help to setup an incubator to leverage AI for even more accurate positioning

Sioux Technologies

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