About the region

Join Europe's leading top technology region

Welcome to the Brainport Eindhoven and Brabant region in the south of the Netherlands. A world-class high tech region where technologies are developed that change lives. Innovation for a better, safer and cleaner future starts here. That is why we are always on the lookout for outstanding tech and IT talents.

In Brainport and Brabant people from all over the world work together to achieve continuous progress and create a brighter future. With our technical expertise and creative spirit we come up with solutions in a wide variety of areas, including health, mobility, energy and nutrition. We share our knowledge to help each other move forward. That is what unites us and makes us unique on a global scale.

In our region we join forces to create genuine impact on society. The smartest minds and most skilled workers collaborate on inventing and manufacturing cutting-edge hardware and smart software that help solve societal challenges.

You can see your ideas become reality here. With a combination of open innovation, material knowledge at subnano level, design expertise, knowledge of systems and system integration, people technology interaction and data science we transform innovative ideas into advanced products and breakthrough technologies.

In Brainport and Brabant you find large multinationals and hundreds of specialised SME’s. This high concentration of tech and IT companies creates an environment that stimulates both personal and professional growth. Visit our job portal to discover the more then 1000 challenging tech and IT jobs, at all levels.


Lots of new technologies and innovations are invented in this region. We have the highest patent density in the world by far. To achieve this, regional companies work closely together with regional knowledge and educational institutes and a big chunk of Dutch research and development (R&D) expenditure takes place in this region.


We are globally known for our high precision manufacturing. The most precise and reliable parts, products and machines are made here. Our unique eco system and supply chain of large and small companies makes our region the driving force behind the export success of the Netherlands.


Working in this region means contributing to a better world. The companies located here, are cooperating closely to find innovative solutions in respect of mobility, health, food and energy. No matter if you are conducting research or working for a supplier who is supplying parts or services to many large(r) high-tech and manufacturing companies. There is no hierarchical system within our eco system and everyone can make a difference.


Sharing knowledge and collaborating is in our nature. Doors are open, distances are bridged and good initiatives are widely supported. Do you want to contribute? You are welcome!