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Getting out of your comfortzone for personal growth

Michiel Bloemers is production leader at NTS-Group. In his role he is responsible for the production of opto-mechatronic systems and components that are made in the company’s clean rooms. He also manages clean room personnel.

At NTS he started as a production engineer. His new job to him meant getting out of his comfort zone. “Something I feel everyone should do every now and then in order to be able to grow.”

The NTS-Group is specialised in developing, manufacturing and assembling high-grade opto-mechatronic systems, modules and components. The company operates in The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore, China and Silicon Valley. NTS-Group enables its customers to achieve shorter lead times and to deliver competitively priced, high-quality machines. In this way the company’s customers can concentrate on their core business.

“Within NTS Mechatronics you have two production leaders”, says Michiel Bloemers. “My colleague is responsible for the assembly of products and components outside the cleanrooms and I am responsible for everything that happens in the cleanrooms. From assembling the products or components to delivering them to our customers. For me this is a rather new position. I only recently started in my new job.”

Getting out of your comfort zone

“At NTS I started as a production engineer and half a year ago I started as a production leader. Besides being responsible for the production process, quality and cost control I am now also responsible for employees. For me this human resource component is really new. This new role for me in general meant getting out of my comfort zone. Something I feel everyone should do every now and then in order to be able to grow.”

Greatest challenge is delivering in time

“The greatest challenge in my job is to be able to deliver our products in time. It regularly happens that components are not delivered in time. Production always takes place at the end of a chain and that means there are a lot of dependencies on other parties that are involved in the process for us.”

NTS-Group offers lots of room for growth

Our demand for good employees is great. What is good about working at NTS-Group is that there is no real hierarchy here and there is a lot of room for personal growth. NTS offers her employees development plans and training possibilities and offers them a lot of opportunities. This makes NTS a great place to make your ambitions come true.”

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