Smart and green mobility in Brainport Eindhoven

Hosting the ITS European Congress 2019

From June 2nd till 5th 2019, the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) European congress will come to the Netherlands. The ITS Congress is the largest event entirely dedicated to smart mobility and digitalisation of transport. For this year, the organisation has chosen Brainport Eindhoven to host the European version of the congress.


Developing your business in smart and green mobility in Brainport Eindhoven

To show you in a more visible way what Brainport has to offer on smart and green mobility, we will organize a webinar in April to present the smart and green mobility examples from Brainport Eindhoven that you can experience on the ITS Europe congress. In this webinar we explain how you develop business networks and collaboration in order to co-create and deploy ground breaking smart and green mobility solutions. You have the opportunity to ask real time questions and connect with suppliers and partners from the automotive industry.

Send an email to to receive the invitation to listen, interact and get inspired.

More interesting mobility events in Brainport Eindhoven

ESV 19

From Monday June 10 till Thursday June 13 the 26th International Technical Conference on The Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) will take place in Eindhoven. Sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the ESV conference is a unique and invaluable event that provides opportunities to share innovative advances in motor vehicle safety and encourages international cooperation. Registration will open soon.

ROAD 2019

The Roundtable on the Purpose of Autonomous Driving (ROAD) is an international conference discussing issues related to autonomous driving and advanced driving-assist technologies. Approximately 70 scientists and industry experts from Germany, Japan, France, UK, USA and the Netherlands will, upon invitation, actively discuss various aspects of autonomous driving touching on issues such as improvement of user friendliness and safety, reduction of social loss and ethics. The event will focus on: future Scenario’s, Smart Vehicles versus Smart Roads, Impact for society (ethics), role OEM’s and Business Cases. The 4th edition of ROAD will be held at the Automotive Campus in Helmond on Monday, July 1 and Tuesday, July 2. For more information or participation, please contact Pieter Noordzij.

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How Brainport Eindhoven strengthens your business in automotive

A global testbed for green and smart mobility, with a strong government support

There are numerous initiatives and facilities to make the region the international testing environment of Europe. Diverse systems can be tested, because there is (almost) no influence or involvement of car manufacturers

Working together on and accelerating innovation

Organisations and knowledge institutes such as the Automotive Campus, TNO, NXP and VDL are market-driven partners that develop and accelerate your innovations with you.


Brainport Eindhoven can provide the final and independent verification of your product’s compliance against worldwide standards. Guarantee quality, reduce risk, speed time-to-market and increase product value.

Many promising start-ups, ideal place for technology spotting

A lot of promising start-ups and innovations can be found in Brainport Eindhoven because of its high amount of fundamental research, crosspollination from other sectors and co-creation by companies and knowledge institutes. This makes the region an ideal place for technology spotting.

Easy market access – soft landing

The Automotive Campus Helmond offers a national and international hotspot, meeting place and a potential business location for the automotive business. To experience the benefits of the automotive campus and get acquainted with the Dutch automotive and mobility ecosystem the campus offers a special partnership for foreign companies.

How we help

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Brainport Development is the economic development agency of the region, that works with representatives from industry, knowledge institutes and government to strengthen this top technology region. Brainport Development helps you to set up your business here, find supplier or partners and connects you to networks and R&D facilities. If you want to receive more information setting up your business in Brainport, on ITS, battery management or any other green or smart mobility topics, please contact us.


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