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Clean mobility for everyone, everywhere

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Lightyear originated from multiple world champion of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® Cruiser Class; Solar Team Eindhoven. It developed a solar-powered, 4-person, road-legal car. Currently, Lightyear is an innovative scale-up with a clear mission; offering clean and affordable mobility to everyone, everywhere! Today, approximately 12% of European greenhouse gases are emitted by cars. This number will increase if the transition towards sustainable mobility is not accelerated.

Lightyear believes it can speed up this process and have a positive and enormous impact on mobility, C02 reduction and climate change. In 2016, 5 visionaries started Lightyear. Mid-2019 it consists of nearly 150 employees, a production facility and a new office. Because of this fast growth Lightyear is looking for talents who want to contribute to achieving its mission: driving a Lightyear’s worth of kilometers by 2035. Get on the move and join Lightyear, today!

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